about us:

Fairy Forest is an ecological camp site located on the northern slopes of Kibutz Beit-Oren. Exceptional conditions have made this part of the Carmel pine grove into a thriving and mature oak community which culminated into a distinct botanic and wild life forest scenes.  Over the past six years we have built a stone-masoned amphitheater, added ecological facilities (kitchen, showers, compost toilets, etc.) and arranged for cosy camping spots amid the oaks. Recently we began to construct an orchard, modeled after the now almost extinct Carmel forest wild life, and volunteers are encouraged to come and participate in this project. Over the year we are humbled to host a verity of events ranging from ecological family camping to spiritual gatherings and private ceremonies.


For more information please contact us at:







hadasa- +972-52-86437171


Imi koren +972-52-8797920




​Information for volunteers:

- There are no closed residence oll the time in the forest, volunteers are obliged to bring their own tent, covers, worm cloths and any other suitable equipment. if cabin is free you can stay in the cabin
- For work please bring closed shoes, hat and comfortable working cloths.   
- The kitchen is vegan (volunteers are free to bring their own food).
- We have a 6 hour work day, including daily chores and various farm activities.
- Shampoos and soaps should be ecological.
- Internet connection is done through cellphones only.

- Each volunteer is accepted after a two days trail.